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Workstation Screens

Workstations are needed in every office build out and Corporate Sign Systems has a great way to bring design elements and functionality to the workstations. We are proud to introduce our line of options to use on any workstation or desk requiring a privacy screen or modesty panel.

Our acrylic panels are infinitely customizable. Tie in the company’s brand with a pop of their color which can be solid or a pattern of their choice. We will be able to provide renderings to give them realistic previews of what their workstations could look like.

How about white boards to substitute the privacy screens? We provide panels that will be perfect for white board use within the workstations and still aesthetically pleasing as co-workers and visitors pass by with a custom finished exterior panel.

Feng shui and Functionality meet with these workstation screens! Please feel free to contact one of our team for your next project requiring workstation screens!


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